Novocure Announces Organizational Changes


Novocure is a global biotechnology company that developed and commercializes the Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) therapy, an innovative treatment for solid tumor cancers. TTFields therapy uses electric fields to disrupt cell division, slowing or stopping cancer growth. The therapy is approved for the treatment of glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive brain cancer, and is being studied in other solid tumor cancers.


On September 22nd, Novocure (NVCR) announced that its Chief Medical Officer, Ely Benaim, will step down and leave the company. Novocure did not give a reason for the departure of Benaim, but the company has already appointed Piet Hinoul, currently Senior Vice President & Head of Global Medical Affairs, as the interim Head of Medical to ensure continuity during the search for a new CMO.


In addition to the CMO position, Novocure also announced changes to several other executive roles. Pritesh Shah, currently chief commercial officer, will transition into a new executive role as chief growth officer. In this role, Shah will have worldwide responsibilities for product and portfolio strategy, brand management, establishing a global framework for new launches and will also be responsible for new indications in the US. Uri Weinberg, currently chief science officer, will transition into a new role as chief innovation officer. In this role, Weinberg will be responsible for expanding the innovative potential of Tumor Treating Fields therapy. Moshe Giladi, currently senior vice president, Preclinical Research, will take up the role of chief science officer.


The departure of Benaim and the changes in other executive roles may raise some uncertainty among investors. However, the company has already taken steps to ensure continuity in leadership and has outlined specific plans for the new roles, which could be seen as a positive sign for the company’s future growth potential. It will be important to keep an eye on the company’s progress in filling the CMO position and how the new executive team performs in their new roles.

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